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2037-11-20 03:35 pm

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"For those who have attempted to hold me back,
For those who have mistaken my generosity as weakness to be
For those who have hurt me,
I let it go but...
I wish you upon yourselves."
Andrieh Vitimus

This is MY opinion and VENTING ZONE.

If you don't like what I write, you've got two options:

1: STOP READING  and never return
2:  Run away crying and make ANOTHER emo blog about it..

To the others who READ that emo blog..
Don't FRIGGIN tell ME about it.
I don't give a shit.

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2014-08-09 07:56 pm

Shining: Paraphrased from the song performed by Kristian Leontiou

Paraphrased from the song
Performed by Kristian Leontiou

Call me “over”
Call me “gone”
Call me “nothing”
What have you gone and done?
Call me “stupid”
Call me “wrong”
Call me “reckless”
See what I’ve gone and done.

Who are you
To try and pull me down?
How the mighty rise up
And fall.

I will not be beaten,
You have yet to see me shining
I won’t take this lying down.

I will not be beaten.
You can't bring me down
I will not take this lying down.

Call me “bovine”
Call me “loser”
Call me “Heartless”
Call me “talentless”
Call me “lonely”
Call me “late”
Call me “blind and foolish”
Just to spare you from your pain.

Who are you
To try and pull me down?
How the mighty
Rise and fall

I will not be beaten,
You have yet to see me shining,
I won’t take this lying down,
I will not be beaten,
You can't bring me down
I won’t take this lying down,

I will not be beaten,
You WILL see me shine.
You can't bring me down
I won’t take this lying down

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2013-05-15 11:50 am

Gah...Long time no see!

Sorry folks, I've been up to my assets in work for the Studio. XP

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2013-02-08 05:31 am

Poor Abandoned Journal

*pets the more-or-less "Live"journal.

Poor thing, I've pretty much abandoned you!


have so much going on these days, I took up because after getting paid
really,really WELL to read, and reading pretty much for 2 years



Yes, this bibliophile got TIRED OF READING! (you know, read for 8 hours for work, then read for pleasure for another 4 or 5 (or more!)...)

Yeah. So I took up crochet to keep the mind limber!

And so, I am STILL painting, and selling, my artwork, and donating time, money and art to rescues... ($2,400 in 2012)

Life is good. Work is good. Art and festivals are GREAT!

Ragin's chainmail is selling like crazy, and my art is plugging along.

Someday SOON, we may be able to get a store/studio and do this shit fulltime. :D

So, yeah.

That's it in a nutshell.

Facebook has all the art up, and we display shit on etsy, but sell more in private. :P


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2012-04-07 11:37 pm

24 Hour RUSH for TAPS

Oh it was so much fun again! LOL
Babbling and pics this way... )
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2012-04-07 11:10 pm

Words of Wisdom

Yeah, gotta remember this...
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2012-03-30 03:48 am

Guess who made it into the local paper?

That's right bitches!
As one of hundreds, but yeah I made it!
Far right, front row...


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2012-03-27 06:21 pm
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2011-06-09 09:21 pm

Time flies

It's that time again!
I wonder who'll be here this year! LOL I met the mayor last year, but she was voted out.
Maybe I'll meet the current Mayor. ;)
Anyways my contribution his year is mini chocolate pavlovas with strawberry whipped cream, and mixed berries on top. :)~
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2011-01-30 05:56 pm


I enjoyed the paid vacation, but now it's back to the grind again.

*eyes the white shit*
Though  I think it would have been nice if the "vacation" lasted another two months! LMAO
Ah well, can't have it ALL! :D

Art dump coming, and SKETCHUARY!
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2010-12-07 11:22 am


Yup, London ON, usually the one who manages to AVOID all major weather, is being buried.

Started sometime Sunday when i was off getting my CPR/First Aid certifications...
we had MAYBE an inch of snow.

By 5 pm it was mid-calf.

The next morning..?
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2010-11-29 10:28 pm

It's that time again...

the Annual "humiliate the cats" by dressing them in elf costumes. ;)
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2010-11-14 06:12 pm

Reading Meme..

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] heartofawarrior  who Yoinked it from [livejournal.com profile] xinliyoushu .

The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books here. How do your reading habits stack up?
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2010-11-07 10:38 pm

Entirely Scary but true...

This ENTIRE post is ganked from [livejournal.com profile] issendai 's journal entry...
Infact it's cut and pasted from Here.
Too much is bang-on.
TL/DR Educational feel free to skip )
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2010-10-02 02:23 pm

Troll in the dungeon!

Actually to be more accurate, "Troll on Soscial Networking!" *names changed from IRL names to Lj-isims

On 09/27/10 4:18 PM, Oy-them wrote:

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Oy-Them

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2010-09-18 05:25 pm

One more day..

Then all the double shifting covering both teh fair and my work will be done. yay. :)
Then I can get back to my obligations, like sending out prints owing and painting again!
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2010-09-02 05:12 pm


I've been so busy these past few months, with work, and art..
Quick sum up, Booth's been going well, Did the annual chalk art thingy, got invited to Pawlooza, a Mothering HUGE dog convention, to show my art, leading to a massive painting frenzy as I had NO DOG paintings! o_O oops.
Anyways, I'm NOT putting in the chalk stuff in this post.. that's WAAYYYY too many pics on top of the art stuff.
I'll do that on a later date. :P
Pic heavey! you WERE warned! )
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2010-07-02 10:49 am

Cross Posted

We found a kitten last month roaming the neighbourhood that was a twin to our cat Puck.

"What do you mean "You'll be less of a man tomorrow?"

Today I found out why he was dumped )
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2010-06-12 10:42 pm