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Oh it was so much fun again! LOL

We got the theme at 9pm... or thereabouts.  I had been bored waiting, since we had to show up for 6pm. :P So I painted a few doodles while waiting to play with the main work. :)

The Theme was :

London is the Centre Of The Universe! DEAL with IT!

And we were off. ;)

There were all night B-horror flicks played by Shock video, starting with "Return of teh Living Dead" and ending with something about a huge, mutant radioactive sheep.... good fun by themselves!

Around 3am/4-ish while we all were waiting for layers to dry, we had a Kale fight with the leftover Kale used to decorate the food platters, and around 5-ish we had wheeley chair races down the wheelchair ramp from the theatre. :)

I took a break at 8:30- after the breakfast to go and help Kevin set up for the Art show in the London Music Club, just down the street from the studio.

Went back to the show and sealed the painting and wired it to hang. then went to bed around 11. Was up by 7 to go back to the ArtsProject to hear the music creations, and to see what the final tally was on the silent auctions. :)

Was a tad disappointed in the Auction,, as the paintings ALL sold well below value, but hey, they ALL sold. Highest paid was $400, and then the rest came in between $50 to $275. Mine sold for $175.. not the bottom, but not the top.  A good show for me since I was up against INTERNATIONALLY known artists. (4 routinely sell for more than $1,000 a work.)!

Anyways Here's my painting... I put in Anywin's symbol of the 3 beams of light for Thought, Reason and Inspiration, sculpted The World Tree from Norse mythology, the red arrows show where we are in the milky way, and there is hidden in the painting the TARDIS of Dr. Who fame. :3

"The Day The Centre Shifted"

The painting is 24"x36"

Here's where the Tardis is hidden. The Tardis is 2mm wide by 3mm long. :3
(Pic was taken before the Milky Way was painted.)

So I'm well on my way to to try and beat last year's Charity donations of 300-odd hours of Volunteering, and $2,400.

And the "doodles"
All doodles are 4.5"x7"

godaddy tracker

Thanks for looking! :D

Date: 2012-04-08 07:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heartofawarrior.livejournal.com
Bweeee! Love the tiny hidden TARDIS! And those kitties are all so adorable - love the look on the face of the last one. Totally an "I can has IN?!" look :-D

Date: 2012-04-09 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] namfle.livejournal.com
holy shit. Your skill has seriously, seriously leveled up. Hotness. Congratulations on the sales!


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