Jun. 24th, 2010 07:24 pm
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 I've TRIED to keep up with the weeds, and since we've had a fairly wet summer so far.. I *NEED* a lawnmower for my 100 square feet of backyard lawn. *boo* Double boo to the pple who can't handle a plump chick weeding ina bikini top and shorts!  Sorry pal but claiming me as the "cause of your accident" because you drove into a tree  becasue you were looking at me instead of where you were driving..ain't gonna fly with the insurance pple. I Am NOT rushing in to change into a burka for you, ESPECIALLY since YOU are shirtless as well in this muggy heat, and your "moobs" are at LEAST 4 cup sizes bigger than my tits! :P

The humidity dropped *finally* so we have a sunny, breezy day in the mid 20's (degrees C that is), so I'm outside doin' NOTHING on my second-to-last day of vacation. :) I'm sitting here enjoying my four elements garden, the windchimes and  fountain in teh fishpond are making wonderfully soothing music, and the flowers, especially the bergamot are blending well with the citronellea candle/ fire pot in the fire part of the garden. :)

From 5 pm to dark is my favourtie time to be back here.. not much in the way of car or neighbour sounds, just birdcalls. One could even forget that one is in teh heart of the city!

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